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Google’s algorithm is constantly at work to ensure that things stay in working order and that the spam is not always at the top. I work primarily with Pop-A-Lock, a large locksmith services company. The locksmith category is one of the highest spammed on the Google network. Sadly, the real companies sometimes get caught up in the mix as well. Google owns nearly 70% of the search market. They really do hurt real businesses when their algorithm tags them for spam. Of course, I completely understand that it’s just the computers doing their thing, and not some person in a closet at Google somewhere flagging down businesses. However, it’s still frustrating when one of your listings gets flagged for what appears to be no reason.

The key to making sure that your listing stays not only up, but also healthy is by ensuring that you aren’t breaking any of the rules. The Google Places quality guidelines are really good resource to see what you should do and not do when getting your business page established. The problem lies in that there are sometimes rules that aren’t found in the guidelines. So, here is some simple advice to making sure your listing goes up and stays up.

  • You should NOT have city, state, or location names in your business title. So, if you are part of a franchise like McDonalds. You don’t need to put McDonalds of Lafayette. You should just call yourself McDonalds and let Google do the location based work. Obviously if your name is something like “Louisiana Pipeline” then that’s acceptable, but be wary if it’s not.
  • Update your business regularly. Not the business information, but your Google + page and business photos. This provides trust signals to Google.
  • Google DOES call you. Sometimes they will identify themselves, sometimes they won’t. They will never sell you anything, but they will more than likely just verify your business information. Something along the lines of, “are you located at *blank*” or “is your business phone number *blank*?”
  • Be light with your business description. Don’t overdo it with your business category. For example, if I put the word “locksmith” in the introduction six times, it will reflect badly on the listing. Maybe 3-4 sentences.

Finally, just remember to be as patient as you can be if you happened to be taken down for spam. Do NOT go out and start up a new listing. That could get your account banned from the places pages. Just be patient and call Google. Email them weekly or so and make sure you get updates. If you listing goes down for a little while, just be sure to use that time for some ground marketing and get your name out there through word of mouth. This may seem like an outdated system, but I can promise you that it’s not.

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