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“If it’s on the internet it must be true,” a well known phrase and a facetious one at that. With all of the user generated material, misunderstood satire, and distracting cat memes out there on the web, it’s hard not to be skeptical when you fire up your wifi and start hunting for information. This being said, most people who search for an answer using omnipotent Google, still expect the results to be fast and more importantly, true. People naturally expect this because Google holds the authority when it comes to search engines, but what happens when Google gets glitchy?

Our team recently came across an odd route in Google Maps when using the directions feature:

Could it be that Google is tired of our prehistoric cars and basic roads? Maybe this is their way of hinting to us all that we need to get on Google’s technological level. Maybe Lafayette, LA has a portal or two it forgot to tell its residents about. Or maybe it is just a good ole fashioned glitch.

Regardless of the reason behind this bizarre redirect, the point is that even Google has an off day. There will always be SEO flaws that need fixing, which is why it is important to have a team with an eye for these issues that negatively affect your business. Not many companies can say they caught it before Google did. If you want a team that is always one step ahead of the curve, Comit Developers is it.

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