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Today, using Facebook is second nature. Your grandmother, your boss and your best friend from second grade, they are all on Facebook. They are sending you requests to play poker and sharing events of their daily lives, occasionally in vivid detail. You know who else is on Facebook? Customers  current and potential. 8.11 percent of all Internet traffic originates from Facebook.

Selling on Facebook requires you to speak to your audience in a much different manner than you would speak to your personal Facebook friends. We’re going to run through some tactics to increase sales through Facebook.

  • • Identify your clients
    • o All of your Facebook activity should support your goal of turning fans into paying clients. This is why you have to speak to them directly. To do so you need to identify them. Pinpoint your target audience’s age, gender, interests, location and any other identifying characteristic that will help you speak to them.
  • • Develop an online identity
    • o If you have always wanted to create an alter ego, this is your chance! Based on your clients’ demographics, develop a strong voice that will interest and engage them.
  • • Use your new voice to gain trust
    • o With the use of engaging content you brand yourself as an authority in your field. Fans grow to trust you more and more with each post. And with trust comes purchases. Interesting and engaging posts increase your viral potential.
  • • Utilize postings techniques that create a reaction
  • o You have a limited amount of time to catch their attention. The point you are trying to convey should be in the first 90 characters.
  • o Asking questions in your posts can increase engagement up to 14 percent. These questions are known as thinkers and talkers. People enjoy talking about themselves on Facebook and this gives them the perfect opportunity.
  • o Images have high viral potential, but you should make sure you are using the right images. Maintain your online persona’s voice within the image. Only use high-quality pictures.
  • o Use images that require little to no explanation. The picture format that receives the most engagement across the board is a collage of images.

Creating an audience that trusts you as an authority in your industry can take time. Once you establish who your audience is, you will quickly understand how to speak to them and shortly after, the trust you have gained will turn into sales. This can be a process of trial and error. If social media is an afterthought for your company, leave it to Comit Developers. Your business is our business and we employ our expert social media skills to gain your company revenue and respect.

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