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by | Mar 6, 2014 | E-commerce, Magento, SEO, Web Development, Wordpress

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Ever find yourself asking the question “What customers should I target?” or “Where should I spend my valuable advertising dollars to get the best ROI?” These two questions are extremely important for any business. If you are targeting the wrong customer(s) then consider your advertising dollars wasted. Marketers use “characteristics” of individuals and groups to divide up the total market into segments. These segments can be based on demographic, geographic, psychographic, customer benefits, and even on the usage rate of consumers. Once you know which segment will be the most profitable for your company then you will have your target! The next step is to find the best way to reach this target to optimize our ROI.

AdWords allows Internet marketers to bring relevant text, video, and image ads to customers. These customers can be targeted by basic demographics (e.g. age, gender, etc.), location, behaviors, and more! Adwords allows the user to specify daily budget limits along with targeting data to ensure the right customer gets the message in the least wasteful way. It can be used to increase sales and brand awareness.

Another great feature of Google Adwords is Retargeting. Retargeting is an advertising technique that leaves a cookie on a viewer’s computer when they visit your site or product page. This cookie allows us to “re-target” the consumer and display ads that are specific to their interest. Have you ever visited a website looking for a new car then found ads relating to that same car on different sites? This is an example of re-targeting at work. This feature allows us to advertise directly to consumers who have an interest in your product and didn’t complete the purchase for whatever reason.

Here at Comit Developers, we use Google Adwords in our lineup of great tools to reach the right customer(s) at the right time! We have certified Internet marketers who specialize in online advertising. If you want measurable results and improved ROI then contact us today! Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more great ideas on Internet Marketing.


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