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Wondering what other Twitter users in your area are tweeting? With Twitter’s new Nearby feature, currently available to select mobile users, you can discover what people tweet, even if you don’t follow them. Here’s how it works. Users allow Twitter to share their locations, and a Nearby tab appears next to the Home tab on the Twitter app. The Nearby tab shows a map with all tweets near you — just that simple.

Now How Does Nearby Work for a Service Area Business?

First, Share Your Location
You’ll need to set your twitter app settings to share your location. When you’re on a service call and you’ve finished the job, tweet about it. Those with the Nearby feature set up, will see that tweet, and you’ll have shared your brand with people you’re not currently connected to on Twitter. Not only do they see your brand, you may even pick up a new follower who will need your services in the future.

Second, Listen to the Social Conversation
If you’re waiting for a job to begin, take some time to listen to the conversation in your area. Knowing where conversations are happening related to your business can help with your marketing efforts. If you’re thinking about advertising on billboards, knowing where your target demographic tweets will help to place that billboard for best exposure. Also, if you have a wrapped vehicle, stationing it where your target demographic tweets can increase service calls.

Third, Engage in the Conversation
Engaging in the social chatter in the local community gives you an opportunity to weigh in on important matters that relate to your business. People often use social media to share their pain points, and if any of them relate to your business, providing valuable solutions will brand you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy member of your community. Additionally, any major event related to your business is an opportunity to listen to what’s being said and to share your insights as an industry leader. By being part of the community, you can increase your brand awareness and pick up a few new followers along the way. Hashtagging a local event will help to get your brand into the conversation.

Fourth, Target Those Tweets
A targeted tweet can send a strong message. If you’re working in an area, you can provide those with the Nearby feature enabled, a special incentive. For example, doing a little ground marketing while partnered with a local charity or organization? Tweeting an incentive to those in the area will capture their attention and reward them for showing up to the event. The organization gains exposure and so does your business.

Finally, don’t wait, start today!
Twitter is one of the top social networks and 76% of its users access the network through a mobile device. The Nearby feature will help to get your name out there to those in a specific area, even when they are not part of your followers. With a little extra attention to Twitter, you can grow your following, share your brand’s message, and engage in your community.

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