Why is it important to maintain regular blog posts?

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Blogs. They provide us with DIYs for the latest intricate manicure trend and recipes that will “Wow” dinner guests using things you already have in your kitchen. But blogs are so much more. We’re going to look at the benefits of blogging and how to keep your blog updated.

Blogger roll call: Fashionistas, celebrities, science and tech geeks, mom-and-pop shops, artists, passionate individuals, Fortune 500 companies and someone from every industry in the whole wide world. Basically there is no excuse for your company not to be blogging. Blogs will increase your digital presence and your company’s visibility, which will increase sales.

Become An Authority

By now everyone has heard about the way that Google Hummingbird will change the way websites are ranked. Hummingbird will rank your site based on quality content. A blog is an excellent way to filter updated, quality content from your website through Google. This makes blogging a very powerful tool for your business. Here are a few things you should know before you venture into the blogosphere.

When you envision yourself blogging, you don’t have to be in a coffee shop with a chai tea musing about your industry. Experiment with different outlets until you find one that is unique to you. Try a video blog (vlog) or a photo blog (phlog, Ok, I made that one up). You don’t even have to call it a blog! Play around with terms for your new “learning center”. The more comfortable you are, the more your audience will trust you and the more they will begin to see you as an authority in your field.

Blog Frequently

Make frequent blogging a priority. The more you share the more you will be viewed as an expert. This will also increase your search engine rankings. Keep your posting frequent, but fresh. Don’t fall into repetition. Once your blog is posted to your website, you can now spread it across your social media platforms. Allow this to be your viral content.

Ok, blogging is simple and kind of fun, but you’re busy. This might mean it is time to call in the professionals. Professionals have a better understanding of how to engage your audience while utilizing important ranking factors. The right professional will be able to turn each of your blogs into a digital outreach tool.

It doesn’t really matter how you blog, as long as you do. The content you produce should be fresh and high quality. If you have any questions about how to get your business blogging or how to improve your current blog, give us a call. We know exactly how to create engaging content that makes consumers view you as an industry expert. After all, we wrote a blog about blogs.

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