How A/B Testing Your Website Can Increase Conversions

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Optimizing always requires testing, whether you are talking about websites, power tools or recipes. Unfortunately, the classic trial-and-error method can be time-consuming and a little painful for your budget as you constantly adjust different elements to see what works best. This is why A/B testing your website using an automated tool has become a growing trend amongst web developers looking for a more streamlined approach.

Split Testing with Divi Leads

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a practice commonly used by marketers and web developers to gain an understanding of what creative variables perform better than others— such as the design, content or calls to action. Typically, this method entails showing one version of a web page to half of your visitors and another version to the other half, testing each element at a time. With Elegant Themes’ new Divi Leads for Divi Builder, web designers can now test different elements simultaneously through their automated platform. Its sophisticated algorithm not only ensures more accurate results but also significantly reduces the amount of time it would take to run these tests manually. So if you have a WordPress website for your business, it’s the perfect tool to streamline your optimization efforts for an improveduser experience (UX) that results in high conversions.

General Applications for A/B Testing

In the context of web design, there are several different ways to use A/B testing. General applications, which are usually a priority for new or revamped sites, take a broader perspective when evaluating results. You may be testing different color schemes, placement of media content, hero images and other fundamental marketing or branding elements.

General testing focuses on improving conversion and bounce rates overall or increasing the likelihood of a sale per visitor. You want to answer questions like: How many users are actually becoming customers? Which of these website builds is producing the most sales? And what is driving visitors to stay on the site?

Goal-Specific Testing

You can also use Divi Leads to conduct split testing that measures more specific outcomes on your website, which can let you optimize individual components of the user experience. This type of experimentation is still meant to drive conversions and sales but does so by focusing on data for a particular section, row or module of the site.

For example, you may want to test out different layouts of each section, with slight variations in headers, color schemes, CTA buttons or written content. You can then assign a goal to each of those individual components to measure for conversions, clicks, engagement or sales and Divi Leads will provide you with robust data that tells you which version performed better at meeting those goals. Once your test is complete, you can automatically apply the winning version to your website to instantly start reaping the benefits of a site optimized for your specific business objectives.

Collecting and Examining Data

Ultimately, the key to improving website conversions is leveraging the data you collected from your experimentation to apply it to future website changes. One of the reasons why Divi Leads is such a powerful tool is because it provides a comprehensive snapshot to easily compare the performance of your tests so you can make better-informed decisions moving forward. Combined with its approachable drag-and-drop interface, it’s a dream A/B testing approach that gives web designers and business owners the resources they need to build a website that outperforms its competitors.

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