Google released a new set of resources to ensure that your website qualifies for the “mobile friendly” label in the organic search results.
If you are looking to qualify for this label (you’re crazy if you don’t…) your website will need to meet these basic requirements and more:
  • Easy to read text that is legible & easy to read without zooming.
  • Avoid using Flash, and other software that is not compatible with mobile devices.
  • Horizontal Scroll and Zoom should be avoided on mobile devices, be sure to size your content accordingly
  • All links should be distanced, a user should be able to easily click or tap the link.

The label has already started rolling out to qualified websites in mobile search results. To see if your site qualifies you can visit or by for your website’s Free Site Evaluation!

Google has also released the following tools to assist with creating / adapting to mobile friendly websites:
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